Harley Wrap System

What is the Harley Body Wrap?

A reduction in the appearance of cellulite is one benefit of using the Harley wrap. The Natural Body Wrap Gel, which is applied to cellulite areas before the wrap is the reason for this as it is loaded with all the crucial ingredients to combat cellulite. The enzyme Cellulase and the anthraquinones, in Aloe Vera and in the Seaweed, in the Harley wrap, play a significant role in the reduction of cellulite. They are able to breakup lifeless cells and residue and stimulate blood flow making for a highly effective anti-cellulite treatment.


The Harley body wrap system guarantees results, detoxifies the body & tones the skin. Harley Wrap, one of the United Kingdom’s leading brands has recently become available world wide.


“Using only the finest natural ingredients, Harley Wrap delivers superior results with the ability to reduce a client’s overall body size in just one treatment”.


The secret of the products success is that instead of using a conventional mud wrap system, Harley uses an Aloe Vera based concentrate that gets to work the moment you are wrapped.


The treatment involves body brushing to help with cellulite then it’s the massaging the wonderful Harley Cellulite Gel into the required area. You will then be wrapped tightly (but not uncomfortably) in the pre soaked bandages.


Now its time to allow the oil to do its job whilst you lie down and enjoy either a foot or hand massage.