Nail Enhancements

Hand-With-Multicol-300 wide

Full Set – £22

2 – 4 week infills – £19

Individual Repair – £3.50

Soak Off – £6.50

Gel Overlay

Calgel is manufactured from a blend of organic compounds. Specially formulated, the nail gel is applied over the nails and cured under a UV lamp to set. Overlays will not affect the metabolic action of your natural nail and can be easily removed by soaking off without the slightest trauma to your nails. The Nail Gel is an ideal for nail biters or  for those who have let their nails fall by the wayside and would love to have longer healthy nails.

Nail Gel Overlays will support and strengthen the nails whilst they continue to grow to the length that you want. The Gel can be soaked off at any time with my professional Soak- Off Treatment. Calgel has been thoroughly tried and tested by many professionals and found to be very safe and effective. Colour Calgel offers a semi-permanent nail colour that will not chip or wear off. Ideal for hands or feet.A ground-breaking, futuristic formula in Nail treatments Manicures and Pedicures and combined with the skills of our expert technicians, you will have the recipe for the classiest nails available

Nail Extentions

I use a bespoke system of Acrylic and gel products. I thoroughly prepare the nail with a pre extension manicure to ensure to give the best results and nails that are not prone to lifting.

Full Set – £26

Soak off with Manicure – £14

Individual repair – £3.50

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