Bella Chic uses the Harley Wax Collection to ensure the best results without the “OUCH” factor

Tailored to suit you, Bella Chic Facials will give your skin exactly what it needs. Take a look at the different wax treatments available and if you need advice, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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  • Harley Summer Fruits Wax

    A Micromica pearlised liposoluble wax, extremely delicate, removes hair as short as 1mm on the most stubborn and sensitive areas.

    This wax is a Micromica liposoluble depilatory wax product that not only gives it a pearlised appearance which makes for a great looking wax, But it also containts the correct equilibrium between the refined resins used and the graded presence of Micromica which allows the product to be removed delicately and softly, keeping the depilatory capacity unaltered.

    Using only the finest ingredients and essential oils, it’s low-melt temperature will guarantee client comfort and total satisfaction.

  • Harley Lavender Film Wax

    The ultimate wax for intimate waxing treatments.

    A hybrid wax that provides all the comforts and easy application of a traditional hot wax coupled with the thin “spread-ability” of a strip wax.

    The Harley Lavender Film Wax contains special natural polymers to give it strength, flexibility and elasticity.

  • The Rose Hot Wax

    This is a Titanium Dioxide depilatory wax. Titanium Dioxide waxes are a new generation of professional waxes able to satisfy even the most demanding application requirements. It gives the depilatory wax a particular softness and is smooth to apply, suitable for use also on very sensitive areas and skins.

    The Harley Rose Hot Wax considerably reduces adhesion of the wax onto the skin subsequently ensuring a soft and gentle pull-off strip removal. This is recommend for those whose skin is dehydrated, dry and particularly sensitive skins.